Venture Bangladesh commenced trading in Bangladesh in 2004. From this Venture Bangladesh has expanded to represent a wide range of companies with products for human and animal health, medical diagnostics and scientific research.

Venture Bangladesh has a history of successfully introducing many innovative products into the Bangladesh market. Venture Bangladesh also prides itself on building and maintaining long term relationships with its business partners.

Sales and Marketing

Venture Bangladesh provides experienced, professional and well-trained sales and marketing personnel.

Regulatory Affairs

Venture Bangladesh has an experienced regulatory affairs team that offers a comprehensive regulatory affairs service. This service covers all aspects of compliance with Bangladesh law related to the importation and distribution of medical, surgical, diagnostic and scientific products. Services include;

  • Registration of products with regulatory authorities
  • Maintenance of product registration.
  • Provision and maintenance of permits and licences for importing, warehousing, packing and selling
  • Quality assurance
  • Clinical trials
  • Product complaint assessment and reporting.
  • Product recalls
  • Review of marketing and advertising material
  • Health and safety

Warehousing and Distribution

Venture Bangladesh provides warehousing and distribution services catering for a wide range of medical, surgical, diagnostic and scientific reagents and instruments, and health products. Warehousing provides for ambient, refrigerated and specialized storage. With emphasis on security, temperature monitoring, provision of appropriate refrigeration storage, quarantine areas and packaging i.e. a full storage and distribution service is provided.

Finance and Administration

Venture Bangladesh offers a comprehensive range of finance and administrative services. These services can be tailored to meet our business partners’ individual needs and include;

  • Serviced office accommodation
  • Computer facilities service/equipment
  • Distribution logistics
  • Customer services

Financial accounting

Companies for whom Venture Bangladesh makes business relationship, distributor and/or other services:

  • Biolife Italiana s.r.l. , Italy – Dehydrated Culture Media & diagnostics
  • BiooScientific Inc., USA – ELISA Kits for food detection
  • Eastern Medikit Ltd., India – Blood collection bags
  • Equimedical, Netherland – Haemostatic Gelatin Sponge –Equispon
  • Lab-Ind Resource Sdn Bhd., Malaysia – PCR & related equipments, PCR kits, diagnostic products, Lab design & solution and consultancy.
  • Leonhard Lang GmbH, Austria – ECG Electrodes.
  • Mecmaan Health Care Ltd., India – I.V. Cannulae
  • Seward Ltd., U.K. – Stomacher Lab blender and stomacher bags.
  • Superior Marienfeld, Germany – Microscope Cover glass and lab glasswares.
  • Taisiermed SAE , Egypt – Surgical Sutures and Mesh.
  • Top Gloves Sdn Bhd., Malaysia – Surgical Gloves.
  • Turkuaz Medical, Turkey – Ultrasound – ECG gels & Medical gels.
  • &
  • Some companies in China – Medical equipment- OT Table, OT Light, Microscope, Centrifuge, Colorimeter, digital water bath etc. and other medical products- Microscope slide, OT bulb, X-ray accessories, test tubes, vacuum tubes etc.

For enquiries about becoming a business partner with Venture Bangladesh please contact us directly.